7 Apps to Use When Running or Walking Outside During C-19

During lockdown more people have begun walking or running, in order to get some exercise while staying away from other people as per the regulations. There are various apps that can help you in different ways to make your walking and running time more productive and interesting. Here are seven of our favourites.

  1. Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is a really great beginner app, and if you are just starting out on the path to learning to run it is an invaluable tool. You can select from several different narrators for your journey with some very famous voices donating their time to become your personal trainer and navigate the Couch to 5K process starting small and building up to being able to run your first 5 kilometres.

  1. Google Maps

If you find yourself walking or running into unfamiliar areas, Google Maps can help you find your way back home. It is also great to use the mapping software to have a closer look at the routes before you head out and you can even drop the little yellow man into the location to have a closer look around and determine whether it is a suitable destination for your training.

  1. Strava

If you are taking walking or cycling to the next level and have become something of a professional Strava is an in-depth GPS tracking device and it works with a variety of smart bands and other wearables. It offers statistics on how your performance compares to other people who are using the root and if you subscribe to the premium service you have the safety option called Beacon.

  1. Map My Run

It is satisfying to see how far you have travelled and being able to keep a record of your run or walk is good for your training. Map My Run, which also comes in a version called Map my Walk is available to track your route, give you statistics on how far you’ve travelled and help you build up your progress.

  1. Spotify

Taking your favourite tunes with you helps you to pass the time, and Spotify is one of the most popular music apps on the planet. Line up a playlist before you head out and stream your music as you run. It also has the ability to pair with some fitness devices including the Garmin Forerunner 245 and the app can be used for free with adverts included or paid for on the adverts removed.

  1. Audible

Perhaps you would prefer the company of a good book while you walk or run, in which case audible is the perfect app for you. The subscription-based service gives you access to a wide range of best sellers, fiction, various self-help and non-fiction books, so take your pick.

  1. Virus Tracker

Finally, to ensure that you are safe when it becomes available in your area you can download the NHS virus tracking app, which means that you will be notified if you have been in an area where someone has become infected with COVID-19.