Announcing the TopTip Founders Club: Our unique thank you to the people who really matter

Founders Club

One thing we’ve discovered at TopTip since we launched is that our success is dependent above all on one group of people: our users.  In particular, the Toptippers who really love and believe in TopTip, who post recommendations and help others with their questions, who let their friends know about TopTip and encourage them to join.

They’re the champions, the heart of our community.  In fact, we think of them as founders, just like the rest of us on the TopTip team.

But as things stand, there’s no way for these champions to share in the value they’re helping to create as TopTip grows.  That doesn’t seem very fair to us.  We began to think: they deserve to be rewarded.

Most apps give away pointless badges or trivial rewards.  That didn’t seem to us to be anywhere near adequate as a form of recognition.  The more we thought about it, the more we felt there was only one way to show the kind of recognition that our champions deserved.  Since they’re helping to found the app, they deserve a stake in it.

So that’s when the idea came to us: a Founders Club, whose members would get to own a share of the company.

Not a token share, but a share reflecting the true importance of our founder-users to the app.  In fact, half the shares in TopTip.

As far as we’re aware, something like this has never been done before.  All the more reason that we love it!  If by working together, the TopTip team and our founder-users, we can set TopTip on the path to being a billion dollar app, the Founders Club members will have five hundred million.  That’s enough for a lot of millionaires!  That can change a lot of lives.

Of course, membership of the club won’t be open to everyone who signs up to TopTip.   It’s the people who are consistently active on the app – adding questions and recommendations, helping other with comments and shares – who’ll be invited.

And naturally, numbers will be limited.  It’s the people who start early and help us to get going, not the ones who jump on the bandwagon once it’s rolling, who deserve the chance to share in TopTip’s value.

So what’s the fairest way to distribute these shares?  We spent a lot of time thinking about various options and got feedback from some of our most active users.

Everyone seemed to agree on two things.

First, no one wants fly-by-nighters.  The club should be for people who really believe in TopTip and are committed to helping it succeed, not people who are going to do a post or two, take some shares, and disappear.

Second, the amount of shares people get should reflect their contribution to building the community.  Someone who brings twenty of their friends into the community should get more than someone who brings two.

So the plan we’ve designed reflects these two principles.  As a Founders Club member, you’ll get your shares after six months, provided you’ve posted at least a modest once-a-week during that time.  (You can post more, of course!).   The number of shares you get will be determined by your activity: there are three levels in the club, and you progress from one to the next by adding posts and having your friends sign up.  The rewards get bigger (a lot bigger) as your level gets higher.

We think this is a pretty amazing offer, but no more than our founder-users deserve.  The Founders Club launches in August 2020.  So if you’ve already signed up to TopTip, get active and get an early invitation.  And if you haven’t signed up yet – do!

Who knows?  One day, it might change your life.