Rewarding the people who really matter

The Founders Club is TopTip’s unique way of saying thank you to the people who are the real secret of our success: our users.  We’re putting half the shares of the company into the club for our users to own.  If together we can build TopTip into an app worth a billion dollars, that’s five hundred million for the members of the club.  That’s a lot of millionaires!

How do you become a member?

You need to be invited.  So get active on TopTip.  Add posts, help with comments.  When we see you’re becoming part of the community, we’ll reach out.  You’ll get that magic email that says you’re invited to the club.

Numbers in the club are limited.  The sooner you get active, the greater your chance to be part of it.

Earn your shares

Once you’re a member, you can earn shares.  The club has three levels.  You progress from one level to the next by adding posts and having your friends sign up.  When you complete each level, you get a wallet full of shares that recognizes your contribution.  The rewards get bigger as your level gets higher, so the quicker you move up, the more you’ll have!

The shares in your wallet are reserved for you.  You’ll get them six months after joining the club, as long as you’ve done at least one post on TopTip each week.

Be a founder

Once you join the club, you’re a founder!  The bigger the community we create, the more we’ll all benefit.  So get active, become a club member, have fun, and get a stake in TopTip.

Who knows?  One day, it might change your life.