Introducing TopTip app – Recommendations for anything you can imagine

These days, almost everyone uses social networks, and there are so many out there.  Some are dedicated to friends and family (Facebook), some for growing our business networks (Linkedin), some for sharing Images (instagram). 

But there’s no social network specifically designed for sharing recommendations with like-minded people – whether they happen to be next door or on the other side of the world. 

With TopTip, we’re about to change that.   Get Notified when we launch.

Recommendations are a big part of our lives.  When we need a good service or a great experience, something to buy, a place to eat, where do we start?  92% of us use recommendations when making these decisions.

But the recommendation that’s right for me isn’t necessarily right for you.  And your top tip isn’t necessarily mine.    

So why a social network  that’s all about recommendations?  Because that way, we can connect you to people whose recommendations are right for you, wherever they are.   And we can do it for everything you need to know about. Not just movies, but things for kids. Not just hotels for your holidays, but local tradespeople for your home.  We can also find the people who want to hear your recommendations, so you can not only get the recommendations you need, but help other people as well. It’s a good feeling!

  • Get recommendations exactly when you need them – from people whose experience is relevant to you
  • Share a recommendation in return – about a great restaurant, a new laptop, or anything else that can help someone like you
  • See what other TopTippers are saying, get inspired, get to know the people who share your interests, and follow the ones who give the best advice 
  • Create collections so you’ve always got your TopTips at the ready. You can even save recommendations you find elsewhere on the web, so everything’s in one place 

TopTip app will be available on Play Store and the AppStore in October.  Come join us. Register now and be first to know when we launch.