One Movie for Every Mood

Lockdown has been a particularly tough time for everybody, but thankfully we have several ways to keep busy. Streaming services have come into their own, with millions of people signing up, and those of us that already had them spending more time flicking through the programme listings. A global pandemic is not something any of us have experienced, so it has also meant we have found ourselves veering between moods: sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes scared, sometimes angry and more. Thankfully there are some great movies on offer to occupy the mind, no matter what mood you find yourself in, so here are a few for you to get you started.

1. Your Feel-Good Happy Place

If you’re in a great mood, then why not consider the classic underdog story Forrest Gump. Born with several issues Forrest was never expected to set the world on fire, however, he proves to be one of the strongest most determined people you have ever met. He lives life to the full, becomes a publicly recognised star after he runs across the country, he receives a medal of honour and finally manages to bag the girl of his dreams, and don’t forget Captain Dan and the shrimp company! What more could you want in a film.

2. When You’re a Bit Confused

Being locked down and listening to incessant news reports about what we can and can’t do can get really confusing. Some days you feel like your head is spinning and you don’t know which way to turn. Thankfully Shutter Island has the perfect solution one of Martin Scorsese’s legacy films with a large cast of big names including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley. The plot may be slightly confusing, but it is a journey of self-discovery and you may actually find yourself doubting your own sanity. With an amazing soundtrack by Max Richter you need to be well awake to watch this film as you have to keep up.

3. Feeling Blue and a Little Sad

When you are looking for one of the best tear-jerking movies in the world then check out Me Before You. An interesting exploration into the patients right to end their own life when they do not feel that they are able to live with the medical conditions. It also combines a love story as the newly employed carer falls for her patient and is upset to learn that this is not enough to stop him taking his own life at the end. But it opens new doorways for her and takes her on a journey of her own just don’t forget the tissues.

4. Scared? You will be

So, if you’re feeling a little bit scared and let’s face it this is a very uncertain time; why not take your mind off the current situation with an adrenaline fuelled horror film in the form of The Conjuring. When strange paranormal things start to happen in their home, the Perron family summon ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren to help them. It is a pretty scary romp, and once you learn that it’s actually based on a true story you may never sleep again.