There’s no better endorsement of TopTip than a recommendation between friends

So when you invite a friend – and they sign up – we’ll plant a tree, as a thank you. It’s just one of the ways we’re different in building a social network.

To get the green ball rolling, we’re making a one-off donation to Tree-Nation.

Why Trees?

At TopTip, we’re on a lifelong mission to change social  media networks for good. We’re determined to keep doing things differently, which means treating our users with fairness and respect – and taking care of the planet, too.
And so because there’s no better endorsement of TopTip than a recommendation between friends, we’ve just launched Plant A Tree: a referral scheme in partnership with Tree-Nation. To get the green ball rolling, we will be making a one-off donation to Tree Nation.

Ready To Start Planting?

We’ll plant a tree for every person who Signs up to  TopTip through your referral link. To make sure the referral’s counted and your tree is planted, follow these steps:

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app


Open the app tap ‘Invite a Friend’ from settings, and share your unique link with a friend


They’ll tap the link, download the app and create a TopTip account


Once their account is set up, we’ll plant a tree (and to confirm it we’ll send you and email)